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Taste Sarah’s Biscochos: Original and Gourmet

Biscocho (bis-kō-ch-ōō) is a firm, lightly sweetened cookie that is baked twice to give it a distinct crisp. Biscochos are a Sephardic cookie ring. Oftentimes, this treat is first tasted during childhood and never, ever forgotten. Discover its unique taste for the first time or experience it again at Sarah’s Biscochos, an amazing bakery, where you will taste the best Biscochos & other specialties ever imagined.

Our Mission

To reach the World with the best baked cookies and other specialties
that are infused with
Love and Tradition.

Sarah's Biscochos

SARAH’S BISCOCHOS is dedicated to baking with organic ingredients to offer the BEST tasting cookies ever! Our Biscochos maintain the original/traditional recipe. In addition, we’ve gotten creative by adding newer versions with robust flavors that enhance the original recipe. Our consumers LOVE the diversity and appreciate the creativity and newness of a longtime traditional cookie.

Gluten-free, Vegan, and Sugar-free options are available.

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Traditional and Gourmet Biscochos
for the
Whole Family

To give our biscochos their unique crisp and flavor, we bake them using organic ingredients. We enhance this Sephardic specialty by adding new, robust flavors to a traditional recipe that is more than 100 years old.

Our patrons love the diversity and appreciate the creativity and newness that we imbue into these longtime traditional cookies.


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